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Welcome to our Website!

Innsmouth - Shadows of the Past is a high-quality indie game project from GM Factory, a 2D point-and-click adventure funded exclusively by Patreon supporters. With lovingly hand-drawn graphics, selected speakers and rousing cinematic music compositions, we want to take the players on a thrilling adventure full of depth, which will remain in their minds for a long time to come in this insanely fast-paced time.

A young man explores the harbour town of Innsmouth, founded by the famous horror author H. P. Lovecraft, situated by the sea of New England.
After he observes, shortly after his arrival, how two shady figures disappear into the waters of the Manuxet River in the middle of the city at night, he gradually learns an unbelievable dark secret from the cranky inhabitants of the place...

The game will include over 65 rooms, 2 - 3 playable main characters, over 30 side characters and over 20 mini-games and puzzles to solve.
New character dubbing
02. 09. 2019

Welcome to our Website!

25. 07. 2019

The Innsmouth Scene - Organigram
25. 07. 2019

Framework plot and tutorial
25. 07. 2019

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