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Welcome to our new website!

Dear visitors, friends and Lovecraft fans,
after a long time of work it is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to our website. It took a while - it's due to our many new and old projects that wanted to be finished. But now it's time, the portal to our point&click-adventure 'Innsmouth - Shadow of Past' is finally open and from now on you can always get the latest information about the current progress by just stopping by or following us on facebook or instagram. Some of the content will be recognized by some of you, but we will keep you updated with new stories, snippets and insights into various making offs, be it the graphical development of the game, the soundtracks, the countless characters who populate Innsmouth, or the exciting stories that take place in the dark corners of the city... There will also be some changes in the content, so you're welcome to let us know what YOU think could be improved, or if there are any ideas what could be missing on the website.
With this in mind - welcome to our website for 'Innsmouth - Shadow of Past!
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