Beitrag2_Organigram - Innsmouth - Shadow of Past

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The Innsmouth Scene Organigram
Well, one of the main questions when telling a story, as in our game, is how big can, should, must and may the whole thing become?
At first a tricky question, but since the story is only just being worked out in detail, we knew that this problem can only be tackled with heart and soul!
One thing was immediately clear to us: Innsmouth should be big, full of squares and winding alleys, where there's a lot to see and discover, since in the end the main part of the story will also take place in the old port city. You have to get in the mood to "breathe in" the lovecraft story feeling, and you can't get from one end of the city to the other after ten scene rooms. Therefore, there will be many simple "gaps" to wander through in our game to give players an impression of the city and its size.
Not every corner of Innsmouth is known to us yet. But we have simply started to create a rough organigram with the most important waypoints known so far. But our lead graphic artist, Michaela Mejta, exaggerated a bit and now we have a small city map from the organigram.
In addition to the usual rooms, there will also be so-called dungeon areas in which you have to solve important puzzles in the story to drive the plot forward. There it gets more exciting and often risky for Thomas, but more about that later...
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