Beitrag3_Framework plot and tutorial - Innsmouth - Shadow of Past

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Framework plot and tutorial

An important decision you have to make right at the beginning of every story is how to get into its plot.
As in some Lovecraft stories the means of the frame story was often used to increase the tension, we found it also for our story as a suitable classic means to start the story. So when Richard Burton, the main protagonist of the framework story, encounters the "old" Thomas Glanville, he or she will get a highly unusual story to listen to.
Since many gamers, but also non-gamers, may be used to the kind of point-and-click adventure, this framework story of our story was a perfect opportunity to weave in a game tutorial. This means that the players also have to spend some time with Richard Burton in the Boston of 1928 to perhaps solve one or the other task.

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