New character dubbing - Innsmouth - Shadow of Past

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New character dubbing - Silence is not always golden...

Whenever a new character is finished and brought to life by our animation artist, at best already fitted into his or her background, the excitement in our studio is vast Because now it's time to add the voice and even if every single station on the way to the finished PC game 'Innsmouth - Shadow of Past' is interesting and exciting, the dubbing is a very special sweetheart of ours. Maybe that's because it all started with the voiceover...
Well, to add the voice - what does that mean?
It begins with the assignment of characteristics that make up a character. With these in mind, we embark on the search for the right speaker. In the following collaboration, it's all about directing to breathe life into the PC game character. Especially in a PC game, where you have to cut back on facial expressions in comparison to a movie, especially when it comes to cartoons, the challenge often rests on the voice actor to compensate for this and bring emotion, i.e. life, into the character.
The finished sound recording is then entered by us and - cheers and trumpets - a new character has seen the light of the day... well, the dark light of Innsmouth.

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