Characters - Innsmouth - Shadow of Past

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Thomas Glanville

The 22-year-old student from Boston and hero of our story...
Driven by his sociological research, he moved to Innsmouth to study the customs and traditions of the locals. But after a short while he encounters strange inconsistencies, which bubble in the underground and which he begins to pursue with fervent curiosity. He always records his progress in his little notebook.
Will the naive greenhorn outgrow his naive innocent nature and reveal the secret of Innsmouth?

Abigail Porter

The mysterious girl has lived in Innsmouth since she was born and had to learn to stand on her own two feet at an early age. She appears to Thomas sometimes here, sometimes there on his way to actively support him. She also seems to lead a kind of double life...

Mayer Horace Mattlock

The head of the city is a complicated, but not unsociable character. He sees it as his duty to keep the community of the city together and to protect it. Unfortunately, this position requires him to accept one or two falsehoods and to conceal things that are better hidden.
Information gathered by him often ends up in a dead end for Thomas. What does he have to hide?


Thomas meets George very soon after he arrives in Innsmouth. As a street boy in Innsmouth, he not only knows every corner but also every trick in the book, because he also had to learn early to take care of himself and to stand on his own two feet. That's why he sees naive Thomas to be a good fodder to earn some easy dollars.
Dr. Edmund Mills

The long-established member of the community enjoys the highest respect among Innsmouth's residents. No wonder, since he is the only doctor in the city. When he's not taking care of his patients in his practice, he likes to spend his time together with Mayor Mattlock in a well-known café in town. Dr. Mills helps Thomas overcome the gruff nature of the mayor by being far more open-hearted. Moreover, he seems to be less stingy with information. Not even with the more unpleasant ones.
Mr. Haynes

A rough fisherman, often to be found at the docks. Although he comes from Ipswich, he knows a lot about the old harbour town of Innsmouth and is passionate about his work there.
Mr. Simmons

In his work as a journalist, Mr. Simmons is often seen as an annoying plague by Innsmouth's city chiefs.
 For Thomas, however, he soon turns into a more experienced role model. But even reporters don't always know everything, and especially in quirky fishing towns people like Simmons have to recognize their limits just as soon.
Ernest Stewart Carter

Many years ago Ernest was actually entrusted as a mechanical engineer with the supervision of the railway extension to Innsmouth. But after finishing his work he settled in the harbour town and now indulges in his passion - the study of antiquity and the deciphering of old writings. As an inventor, he holds on to the greatest things, assembles the craziest apparatuses and helps out the small towns to keep his head above water.
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