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In what form and on what platforms will the game appear?
Innsmouth - Shadows of the Past is a game developed primarily for desktop PCs. We intend to sell it as a download version on the Steam gaming platform and possibly also make it available for download on our own website. For our helpers, staff and most loyal supporters we have planned a small edition of a special edition in the box.
We would also like to support further versions for Playstation and Xbox, but due to a lack of experience we can't say how long such an implementation can take or if there is a general possibility.
How long until completion?
Hard to say. There is a huge mountain of work and even if our work speed is constantly increasing and our knowledge and skills are growing, we are still at the beginning of the project. The speed of progress depends ultimately and largely on Patreon's support. The more additional helpers we can hire, the faster the production will progress, but also the administrative work area now takes up a considerable part of the working time.
We will keep you up to date with the latest news, game progress, and various little insights into our current work to keep you entertained.
What language versions will be released?
A German and an English language version are planned.
Can I join the development team or help in any way?
Surely the income from our supporters on Patreon is the most important cornerstone to get our game on track, but also competent staff in various fields can help us to drive our work forward, such as graphic artists, animators, composers, speakers, scriptwriters, writers, translators, administrative staff for marketing and many more...
At the moment we are creating a lot of backgrounds, which will be the core of our game, so at the moment we are looking for help for graphic work and animation. For some positions, of course, less help is needed, such as in music composition and sound design. You can always send us a sample of your work. We will stay in contact with you and inform you about the current situation.
Who makes Innsmouth - shadows of the past?
Innsmouth - Shadows of the Past is developed by GM Factory. GM Factory is a group of artists who first made a name for themselves in the field of lovecraft audio books on Youtube in German-speaking countries. The group consists of graphic artists, speakers, actors, video and animation artists. Due to the loving artwork that accompanied our interpretations there until some time ago, the style became known after some time and was enjoyed by more and more listeners. Now we want to show that we are capable of some more!
How big will Innsmouth be?
How big the adventurous framework is, which has to be explored for our main protagonist, isn't quite clear yet. However, after several creative meetings we can say that the signs indicate that it will get bigger and last longer than the usual 12 - 24 h adventure. What we can say concretely at the moment is that the story will be divided into three acts, set in a playable framework consisting of prologue and epilogue. According to the latest planning status, the 1 act alone comprises 30 - 35 backgrounds to be discovered.
Are you planning to develop more games?
If the project should be a success, we would like to go into the next project with cheerful courage - there are plenty of ideas. We are also flirting with the production of a cartoon next, but other point-and-click games in the lovecraft genre are of course also under discussion. Of course it would be our dream to be able to realize all these other projects in the future. We will see what the future will bring...
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